Briana Browne 

 is a college graduate who cracked the code to paying off her student loans in a short amount of time and is now ready to consult with you on how to do the same.


Growing up in New Jersey, Briana always had big dreams of going to school in New York City. After attending Pace University for four years and obtaining her bachelor's degree in Communications, not only did she leave with a degree, but $30,000 in student loans.


She took it upon herself to pay off her student loans before making any other big financial changes in her life.  She is now debt-free and passionate about teaching others how to crack the code. Her motto, 'there's nothing wrong with debt, as long as you have a plan to pay it off', is one of the main reasons why she is where she is today.

Dues & Don't is a mobile application that was created for a community of people that all have the same mission. The mission to become financially free and can feel comfortable knowing that they're not alone on their journey to becoming debt-free. The app provides resources, ebooks, and the same exact budget template Briana Browne used to pay off her student loans. In addition, the app includes daily quotes as well as music that can motivate clients to stay the course.

Dues & Don't 

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